Reference Weeding Schedule 2009

What’s this all about?

As part of our discussion about circulating reference materials, the Reference Services Committee determined that our first step should be an analysis of what’s in a reference collection.  They spent 2 months analyzing the collections at LYN MAR OAK SNO.  And they’ve come to the conclusion that there are items in reference that would be better placed as circulating items.  To make that happen the committee members will be weeding these reference collections and either removing the reference location or sending the item in for review.  We expect this process to take the better part of 3 months in the four reference centers.

But what about other branch libraries?  Terry and members of the Reference Services Committee will be weeding print reference collections in all other branches during the month of January.  Here’s their tentative schedule:

  • Thursday, January 8          CLI LNG FRE COU
  • Monday, January 12          EDM MTL BRI
  • Thursday, January 15        MIL MUK
  • Friday, January 16             GRA LAK
  • Monday, January 19           MON SUL
  • Tuesday, January 27         STA   ARL   DAR

What do you need to do on that day?  There should be a workstation available for us to do any location changes or reassignments.  Any items that will remain in your branch as circulating material will have to have “band-aids” cover the reference spine label.  That can be done by anyone in your branch (staff or volunteer) at any time after the location change.

3 thoughts on “Reference Weeding Schedule 2009

  1. Terry Beck

    The AB list is undergoing a huge edit and should be completed by the end of the year. At that time we will post it to our area of the intranet.

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