Your chance to be on the RSC

The Reference Services Committee says farewell to Roxanna Pandya from Lynnwood as she rotates off the committee in early 2009.   Roxanna has been a tremendous asset to this committee:   lobbying for continuation of targeted resources, developing job and employment presentations that others have used for community meetings, and pushing us to strive for consistent high quality in the presentation of our reference and information services. 

The committee has undergone some “structural” changes in the past few months and we are seeking someone to take Roxanna’s spot.  The term of a committee member is now 3 years–it’s no longer a life appointment!  We will be rotating committee membership throughout the library district and hope that each year will bring us a new member with enthusiasm and keen interest in reference services.

What’s the workload of a committee member?

Meetings    The committee meets every other month on the second Tuesday from 1-4:30.  Once a year there’s a day-long reference retreat (usually in August). 

Activities and Assignments 

  1. Select reference material and resources
  2. Develop reference training for staff
  3. Create reference procedures, make recommendations for reference guidelines and policies
  4. Contribute to the Reference Services @ Sno-Isle Blog
  5. Assist with the development and maintenance of subject categories of the website, templates of holidays and celebrations,  and other areas of the website, as assigned
  6. Assist smaller libraries with reference weeding
  7. Act as the conduit for information when the committee is seeking input from community library staff. 

Typically, these duties would require 4-8 hours per month.

Who may apply?

Any Librarian.  This position is open to Adult/Teen/Children’s Librarians with an MLS or MLIS.

How to apply?

Write a brief paragraph about your vision for information and reference at Sno-Isle.  Please sign it and have your supervisor approve it.  Send it to Terry Beck, Manager of Adult/Teen Services by February 1, 2009.

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