Tax Forms and Telephone Directories

As we prepare to assess and review our reference collections, it’s important to also evaluate the uncataloged items that have been retained.  These are the big two:


Tax Forms

As the Internal Revenue Service continues to move taxpayers to electronic forms and filing, our collections of prior year’s forms and publications have become less important.  The IRS website now contains basic forms and instructions back to 1980.  It also contains the more complicated forms and instructions back to 1990.  All of these may be downloaded and printed free of charge in any of our buildings.  Therefore, it is the recommendation of the Reference Services Committee that only the current year’s reproducible forms be kept in the Reference Collection.


 Telephone Directories

Currently most of our community libraries receive free telephone directories from the telephone company.  The Reference Services Committee recommends that community libraries keep the current year’s directories of cities or counties that are most closely connected to their community.   For example, the libraries in the northern part of Snohomish County would keep the local directory and possibly the directory for Skagit County.  Libraries in the southern part of Snohomish County might keep their own city’s directory and Seattle or King County.   What telephone directories remain, should take up less than one bookshelf.  They should also be shelved with no processing—no labels, no reinforcement of the spine, no spine labels. 

We subscribe to RefUSA, which has both business and residential listings for all 50 states, plus Canada.    

Older telephone directories may be recycled locally. 

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