Some Ideas to Replace Grolier

We’ve had feedback that some are still floating without a raft when it comes to alternative resources to those included in our old Grolier subscription.

We’ll throw you a line:

EBSCO Animals :  Information on a variety of topics describing the nature and habitat of familiar animals.

Grzimek’s Animal Life eBookShelf eBook editions of the encyclopedia and student resource.

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia eBookShelfeBook reference information for students about states and nations around the world.

CultureGrams : Cultural reports for state and country projects. Maps, flags, symbols, timelines, history, economy, geography, population and more.

KidSearch : Provides visual and detailed searching of encyclopedias, dictionaries and images specifically designed for kids K-8. Also includes teacher resources.

Searchasaurus : EBSCO interface for children & parents to articles, encylopedia, and animals.

Questions?  Just ask!  That’s what this is here for!

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