Government Documents in 2009

There are many government documents Sno-Isle Libraries choose to keep in its collections, both cataloged and uncataloged. However, at present, most branches have too many of these documents and may be uncertain about their maintenance.

In 2009 the Reference Services Committee will be assessing each library’s government documents to result in clean, current and properly located collections. Betsy Arand will take the lead on this project for the Island, and other RSC members will be looking at the collections in Snohomish County.

The basic procedure will be:
1. Assess. Is the document the most current version and relevant to the community.
2. Is there an electronic version? If so, the paper copy will be purged. URLs for the electronic version could be put into CARL so they could be found with a catalog search.
3. Relocate to Local History Reference. If the document is older and falls into the LHRef criteria, the item may be redesignated to the local history collection.
4. Purge document if no longer needed.

With very few exception, 2009 will include cataloging only those new government documents with 50 or more pages, and cataloging final versions only, not drafts.  Questions?  Ask any Reference Services Committee member.

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