Free tax filing

Thanks to Maron Resur at SNO for the detective work:

I visited all the external tax prep sites listed at, and I found out a few things.  Of the sites that listed their system requirements, these 3 appeared to be compatible with the current configuration of our public computers:

Complete Tax

Tax $ Simple



·         These sites require IE 5.0 or 5.5 minimum (we have IE 6), and cookies will need to be enabled (manually, by us?  Possibly). 

·         Also, all sites have some forms they don’t support (usually a list is accessible from the main page), or are only free if you are under a certain income level. 

·         Many of the companies on did not list their system requirements (including H & R Block).

·         Turbo Tax is absolutely not compatible with our current set up.


When you choose E-File or Free File from, there are 2 options: “I will choose a company” or “Help me choose a company” (the latter always seems to pick H & R Block).  The former option is where I found the list of sites that I investigated.

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