SerialsSolutions User Meeting & News

On Wednesday March 11th, I spent the day at SerialsSolutions in Fremont (Seattle) with other clients to discuss implentations ideas of their products.  Here are some ideas worth sharing (maybe!):

Keyword of the Day = “Discovery”.  “Discovery” is about taking our library to our patrons so that they can search our resources easily.  We have often thought that the best way to do this is through our OPAC.  SS suggests that in fact, our primary online asset is our web site.  I came away with a list of implementation ideas and best uses for 360 Search, 360 Link, and our eJournal Portal to work on with Colleen Brazil & Mike Longley.

Users perceive that library resources are the most credible, quality content and are preferred for research and assignments.  HOWEVER, Google is fast and easy so that is where they go.  We need to digitize, describe, and highlight our unique collections.  We need to use our site to provide outreach to our patrons.  We need to get the most value possible from our electronic resources.    In most library systems, the Electrnic Services Coordinator is in the Technical Services or Information Technology departments.  I think our Organizational Chart, putting this position and it’s responsibilities under Services, puts us ahead of the game in thinking about incorporating our users and user perceptions in our quest to provide best service.

In the coming weeks, we will be surveying our Reference Staff for comments, feedback, ideas, rants and raves to improve the “Research Tools” section of our web site.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you!!

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