Five Star Premium Content

Users can now rate our premium content electronic resources!!  From subject or search results lists, a quick click on “Rate This” will allow our users to rate the resource.  These ratings will then rank the resource in the subject and results lists.  For example, if everyone agrees that Biography Resource Center is THE five star resource for biography research, then it will be at the top of the list instead of third on the list (as it has been in the past alphabetical order). 

This is just the first release – please leave your comments and ideas for improvement!!

3 thoughts on “Five Star Premium Content

  1. Christa Werle

    We’ve had some speak to a preference for the subject and results list to continue to be ordered alphabetically, instead of descending order by user ranking. The idea of ordering by user ranking was to put the “good stuff” at the top of the list, but it makes it more difficult to find a specific resource in the list because the rankings can change daily.

    What do you think???????

  2. I’m one of those who would prefer the lists stay in alphabetical order. I think our database lists in any given subject area are short enough where a customer could easily see, by the number of stars, which one(s) rank highest, without the most popular being on top. The value our customers place in the databases would still be shown, but the lists would be easily searched because they would be in alphabetical order. I would be interested to hear other opinions.

  3. Eileen McDonnell

    Ditto Jennifer’s comments. I know when I’ve shown someone how to get to a specific database, the path seems complicated to them. They always seem relieved if the one they want is at the top of the subject list, so they don’t have to remember that last detail of the specific database title. A suggestion to add on to the rating ability would be for users to add comments.

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