Learning Express Computer Skills Module

We have added the Computer Skills module to our Learning Express package.  It’s truly an amazing array of tutorials of the Microsoft Office Suite (versions from 1997-2007, too).  The tutorials vary in length and complexity, but as with all Learning Express products, you can stop at any time and pick up the test/tutorial where you left off.

There’s one little hiccup in the process right now.  Learning Express is moving it to a new platform within the next few weeks, but until that time it requires a plug-in.  That means that it can only be used by home users at this time, since they can download plug-ins for their personal computers.  Users in the library will have to wait until the new version is launched.  Once the new version goes live, we will promote it to everyone.

2 thoughts on “Learning Express Computer Skills Module

  1. Kathy Smargiassi

    I will be teaching a talktime class about Learning Express on June 5. Will it be available in the library by then?

    1. Christa Werle

      Yes, it is available now. Choose “Computer Skills’ from the left side of the screen under the “Learning Centers” menu.

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