2 thoughts on “Grzimek’s to be offered as Online Product from Gale

  1. Erica Heftmann

    This is not easy to find in our database lists. One first clicks on “Science and Technology”, then has to guess that it is in Gale Virtual Reference, then take a leap of faith and find it under the heading “environment” rather than “science”. I cannot imagine a patron stumbling on this or finding it by logic and effort. Animals are so often the topic of schoolwork. Parents are so often the ones who search for the homework information. Even if using the kid’s pages, one has to use guessing what was in the mind of the designer rather than use straightforward logic to find this important resource. Some misclicking and backtracking, all of which wear on the patron’s attention span and tolerance. When I write down the path for patrons, it is a series of clicks that is too long and not terribly intuitive. I often have the feeling, when I am handing them the paper, that they will not use it. I see that their attention has already gone and they have to be reminded to pick up the paper. Perhaps they are already thinking of going home to Google.

  2. Christa Werle

    This was discussed by the Reference Services Committee and the location under “Plants & Animals” was chosen at that time. Though it may be hard to imagine that patrons can find it, Grzimek’s is always in the top 10-15 used titles of our GVRL’s 200+ titles. Both internal and remote users are counted. On our adult pages, the “Printer Friendly” page link makes a handy pathfinder – one stop shopping for our patrons. I’ll share feedback about adding that option to the kids’ & teen homework pages.

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