Slight Site Change

At some point an extra “directory” page was added to the Research Tools pages (page 3503) which added a level of clicking to the options also available from the drop down menu.  Considering the usage of our pages, this extra page appears to be redundant and has been removed.  We’re back to the “old” design.  I’m currently working on a survey to get your ideas about other possible design changes for our Research Tools pages.  Feel free to comment here as well!

2 thoughts on “Slight Site Change

  1. Erica Heftmann

    The “resource search” search box at the head of the Databases and Research page should be removed. I believe the patron expectation is a retrieval of articles. Trying several keywords, I got results ranging from disappointing to frustrating. For example, using the search term “global warming” retrieves the Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries. Enter “horses” and you are suggested to use the library catalog. Below that there is a reference to the mysterious 360 search and even more mysterious “premium content.”

    The 360 Database Search icon at the head of the Databases and Research page, next to the search box is not evident as a link. I have showed this to every librarian I encounter and they themselves are not aware that it is a link. People wanting to search would likely use the search box, not click on an icon. I doubt that any patron even knows (or should know) what 360 database search means. The probably assume it is another graphic clogging up the website. If anyone should click on it by chance, it leads to a clunky search introduction.

    I market our databases every chance I get and people are still always amazed that we offer these. They are not promoted or presented in a way that connects with patrons. Most people doing research still come to the library to use Google and maybe pick up some books or consult with a librarian.

    When I give a tour of the databases, I always steer people away from the search box at the head of the databases.

  2. Christa Werle

    Thank you for your feedback! In addition to leaving comments here, a survey will soon be sent to all of our librarians soliciting feedback for a design “refresh” of our research tools this summer. Just this morning, Colleen and I attended a webinar on integrating 360 Search into our Aquabrowser results. There are many exciting things that we can do to provide better access to our subscription content. Please send your ideas for specific improvements – we’re always looking for a fresh perspective!

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