Recommended Website Editing

This summer, the Reference Services Committee will be reviewing and editing our current collection of Recommended Websites.  Though we are not making any immediate changes, we have been challenged to choose ten top websites for each main category we currently use in our subject pages.  We are also basing our choices on the top-used sites from our statistical gathering.  There are hundreds, so this will be a challenge, but an exciting opportunity to focus our resources for our users.  Here’s who is working on what:

  • Jennifer Forman (SNO):   Arts & Humanities, History
  • Mark Barnett (MAR): Automotive, Do-It-Yourself, Explore the World, Science & Technology
  • Rob Branigin (STA):  Biographies, Geneaology, Law & Government
  • Darren Nelson (MUK): Careers & Education, Society & Culture
  • Betsy Arand (OAK): Consumer, Fast Facts & Reference, Health & Medicine
  • Christa Werle (SRV): Magazines & Journals, NewsStand
  • LYN: Business & Fianance

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