What’s the best resource for used car prices?

As we review our Reference serials, the question about the NADA guides looms. So, the Reference Services Committee would like to know what you use to help someone determine the value of a used car. Respond here or to any member of the Reference Services Committee (Mark Barnett, Rob Branigin, Jennifer Forman, Darren Nelson, Christa Werle, or Terry Beck).

2 thoughts on “What’s the best resource for used car prices?

  1. Chris Sorenson

    kbb.com. Allows much more customization re; condition, location & options. Easier to use.

    Traditionally Blue Book is higher than NADA (because NADA was developed to meet the dealer’s need to profit), and dealers will choose which to use based on which is best for them– usually Blue Book when selling, nada when evaluating your trade in. Also, most folks using the library seem to be involved in private party transactions where NADA is’t sufficient or relevant.

  2. Diane

    Chris has some very valid points. But there are several patrons who want the NADA, just as there are some who come asking for Kelly’s. I am often amazed when I say that Kelly’s is only online and that I will search for them that they choose to take the print NADA to a table instead (even those who came in saying Kelly’s). Also the previous editons are very useful to patrons seeking the value of a vehicle in the year the vehicle was totalled or damaged for their legal case/suit or insurance purpose. I have not found the online kbb or nada useful for this type of research.

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