GVRL Novels For Students Under Review

Over the next few months, members of the Reference Services Committee will be evaluating the content of Novels for Students to determine if we should weed it from our GVRL collection or continue to purchases newly released volumes as an alternate resource to Literature Resource Center.

Do you use this and want to make sure it stays available?  Please comment!

Did you take a look and would be happy to let it go?  Your comments are welcome too!

7 thoughts on “GVRL Novels For Students Under Review

  1. Kathleen

    What a coincidence–I just used Novels for Students with a teen dealing with his summer reading assignment and he loved it. It’s one of my favorite resources and I use it often. LRC doesn’t include the full content of Novels for Students, so I’d be really, really sorry to see the ebook version go.

    1. Terry Beck

      We won’t delete what we already own, most likely. We just won’t continue to purchase additional volumes. Usage is very low.

  2. Ruth Griffith

    This is a hidden gem that we show students, and once they find it, they’re really happy–it’s just perfect for them. Just this week I showed a student the article on The Scarlet Letter and it was just perfect–more of a Cliffs notes level of coverage, not the highly-focused, college-level articles that LitRC contains, (eg– “Hawthorne’s use of symbolism in the 3rd chapter of S.L.”) which are not helpful for our high schoolers seeking an overview. I’d hate to lose Novels for Students.

  3. Kathleen

    It’s a shame that it is so hidden…is there a way we can feature both Novels for Students and Poetry for Students? Several students have told me that they didn’t look for help with English under the Research Tools heading of Arts and Humanities because they thought that meant art. How about a subject heading for Literature?

    1. Christa Werle

      Yes. This is in the works. We will be renaming some subjects and will end up with separate collections for “Arts”, “Entertainment”, and “Books & Literature”. Hopefully this will help our customers have better access!

  4. Good morning everyone! My name is Chris Posa and I am the Marketing Manager for Gale Virtual Reference Library. I hope you don’t mind me responding to your posts but I can help. Glad to hear the For Students series is like so much and I totally understand about exposing the content and maximizing usage. We have a tool called a ‘SubCollection Manager’ that’s available within your IT Config account. It allows you to quickly and easily group your eBooks into topic specific collections and create a hyperlink to that collection for placement anywhere on your library’s web site. So you could, for example, create a group called ‘Poetry eBooks’ and provide access directly to ONLY those Poetry For Students eBooks. It takes literally 10 minutes to learn how to do this and 5 more to actually do it. Instructions can be found at gale.com/gvrl. Just click on the Free Downloads link in the left hand navigation to obtain the instructions. And I am MORE THAN HAPPY to help you as well. chris.posa@cengage.com. Have a terrific day!

  5. Terry Beck

    We’ve already set up these subcollections–we do it for every GVRL title that we purchase. And I think that the redesign of our research tools area will make them more accessible in the future.

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