Research Tools Site Survey Results

Thank you to the 52 participants that sumbitted their online survey.  Your comments and input have been very valuable and changes are already under way based on your suggestions.  Here is a brief summary of the results:

The five databases that our librarians MOST want are all Gale products:

  1. Biography Resource Center
  2. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
  3. Literature Resource Center
  4. Health & Wellness Resource Center
  5. Gale Virtual Reference Library

The five databases that our librarians LEAST want are all EBSCO products:

  1. Computer Source
  2. Regional Business News
  3. Alt Healthwatch
  4. Business Source Premier
  5. Academic Search Premier

84% of the participants this our recommended web sites are of value to our patrons.  Most of these participants however, commented that they use them, but don’t know that our patrons do.  It was also very clear that the categories of most value are: Local Information, Genealogy, and Consumer.

55% of the participants use “360 Search“.  The main reasons for not using this tool are slow speed and poor results.  We will be working hard on improving this federated search tool and hope to have changes ready be the beginning of the school year.

53% of participants though it would be nice to see the top five most recently accessed databases on our web site somewhere.

A majority of participants think that we don’t need any avatars, branded widgets, or vendor branded links on our site.

Ideas for improving the content on our “Search the Internet” page included: adding Bing and Wolfram Alpha search engine links, adding information literacy instructional content, adding more Sno-Isle specific search tools.

Additional suggestions included:  new/refined subject category headings, more visible links to specific resources, like telephone numbers, legal forms, general encyclopedia, animal research and InfoGuides and a World Languages page similar to IMCPL‘ s site.

If you would like to give more feedback, suggestions, comments, please leave them here or contact Christa Werle or Colleen Brazil.

One thought on “Research Tools Site Survey Results

  1. Darren Nelson

    Business Source Premier does have company profiles that are an excellent source of company information for jobseekers. It’s so much spot on information right there: history, executives, sales, products, competitors, etc. As this ended up on 5 least desired databases I wanted to start pointing this out.

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