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FEMA searchable photo library

Disaster Photo Library – FEMA: “The FEMA on line Photo Library contains more than 16,500 disaster related photographs made since 1989. The collection is composed almost entirely of declared disasters and there are also photographs from FEMA public events which have occurred in Washington, DC. The photographs are of Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Typhoons, Fires, Avalanches, Ice Storms, Blizzards, World Trade Center and Pentagon Terrorist Attacks, Earthquakes, and the Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster.”


Employer Research Class Materials

The PowerPoint is screenshot heavy, but is meant as backup in case live connections aren’t working.  This is for a presentation on using our databases to do employer research.  Feedback welcome.  Darren  x 3221

Employer Research Jobseekers

SnoIsle Employer Research Handout

New EBSCO Search Defaults

In the next couple of weeks, EBSCO will be updating our profile settings  to optimize users’ search experiences.  These changes were determined after careful, extensive study of user patterns and consideration for customer feedback, and are designed to streamline EBSCOhost searching, while producing the most relevant results.

For example, the Autocomplete functionality will be defaulted ON in the keyword search mode, to assist users who begin entering terms in the Find field by automatically and logically completing them.

Scheduled for 2010: The Result List will display results in order of Relevance, since so many customers have indicated that they prefer their results to be displayed in this way.  Search will also default to Find All terms instead of the current Boolean/Phrase mode.  That means no more having to put in “AND” or “OR”!!!

Sports fans website

Pretty cool from the New York Times:

TECHNOLOGY / INTERNET   | August 24, 2009
For Sports Obsessed, a Site Tries to Please Every Fan
Backed with $5 million from venture capitalists, Fanbase is creating an almanac of every athlete and team, no matter how obscure.

NARA Microfilm Rentals

A note from Joe Munson:
FYI, the National Archives and Records Administration has terminated its microfilm rental program. Apparently most of the information available on their rental microfilm is available at or
We haven’t borrowed anything from them for a number of years, and in fact we had $346.05 in our deposit account which they have kindly returned to us.

ESC Out of Office until 8/28/09

Christa Werle will be out of the office until Friday 8/28/09.  During her absence, Terry Beck will be assigning our email and chat follow-up questions from QuestionPoint to the appropriate contacts.  If you have any questions about our online reference services or electronic resources during Christa’s absence, please contact Terry Beck at x7016.

LRC & GVRL Interface Enhancements

New interface changes should be noticeable within the next week!

“We recently updated our Literature Resource Center and Gale Virtual Reference Library platforms. The interfaces deliver a variety of new and improved features we think you’ll enjoy, including:

  • Improved subject indexing and faceted searching
  • Printing, e-mailing and exporting ability
  • Text-to-audio feature and article translations
  • Easy and intuitive bookmarking
  • Citation generator with exporting to End Note, ProCite, RefWorks and Reference Manager
  • Cross-search capability”

Annual Reference Survey

Reference Survey Week October 18-24, 2009

Yes, it’s that time of the year again.  We’re hoping to use some of this data for the Strategic Long Range Plan Action Teams, so here’s what you’ll do.


  • At the beginning of each day—place a survey form at each service desk, make hash marks for the type of question and whether it was in-person or by phone/email.  Since we’re studying time with this survey, it’s important to keep the marks in the correct box.


  • At the end of each day, total the number of questions in each box.  The person who’s responsible for reporting the statistics will take a blank form and fill it in with the branch totals for each type of question and time of dayThere is a sample attached.  If you’re more comfortable with Excel, that’s fine.  If you use Excel, feel free to submit the spreadsheet via email.  Make sure that you identify your branch on this form—the three letter branch code is fine.


  • At the end of the week, send the 7 forms (one for each day) with the branch totals to Terry Beck @ SRV.  Please hang on to your pile of filled in forms until she notifies you that we’re ok with the report.


The form is found on the intranet

Top GVRL Titles Last Month

Even though school’s out, our GVRL collection is still being used.  Here are the top 20:

West’s Encyclopedia of American Law  2nd ed. 13v 2005
The Gale Encyclopedia of Senior Health: A Guide for Seniors and Their Caregivers 5v 2009
Gale Library of Daily Life: Slavery in America  2v 2008
The College Blue Book  36th ed. 6v 2009
Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday Law  2nd ed. 2v 2006
Encyclopedia of Small Business  3rd ed. 2v 2007
Melton’s Encyclopedia of American Religions  8th ed. 2009
Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy  2v 2009
The Gale Encyclopedia of Science  4th ed. 6v 2008
New Catholic Encyclopedia  2nd ed. 15v 2003
Dutch Oven Cooking: For Outdoor Enthusiasts  2008
Scholarships Fellowships and Loans  25th ed. 2009
Science and Its Times: Understanding the Social Significance of Scientific Discovery 8v 2001
The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine
Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States  5v 2008
Photography 1st American ed.  2005
Encyclopedia of Philosophy  2nd ed. 10v 2006
American Social Reform Movements Reference Library  5v 2007
American Civil War Reference Library  5v 2000
Business Plans Handbook  Vol. 7 2000

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