Job & Career Accelerator Trial

We have three trial accounts to evaluate Job & Career Accelerator. Please let Christa Werle know if you are unable to access this trial product.

Getting Started with Job & Career Accelerator:

In order to experience all that Job & Career Accelerator has to offer, we encourage you to follow the recommended path provided within the application. After logging in using one of the trial accounts below, click on the ‘Get Started’ tab and use the ‘Next’ buttons at the bottom of each page to guide you through completing each step including the Personal Profile and Occupation Matcher. Once you have completed the Occupation Matcher, you will see your recommended occupations where you can: view and save occupation profile cards; learn more about each occupation; view available jobs; create resumes and cover letters; and track your job application progress.

You can also move around within Job & Career Accelerator using the navigation bars and return at any time to where you left off. Your work is always saved as you progress.

As you complete different sections, you can also monitor your progress in the My Accelerator dashboard as well as access all of your saved work by clicking on the My Accelerator tab in the top navigation.

Trial Login Instructions:

To access the trial site, CLICK HERE

Enter the user name and password corresponding to one of the trial accounts listed below in the “Returning User” login screen.

Trial Account 1:

User Name: JCA36025

Password:  gethired

Trial Account 2:

User Name: JCA77848

Password:  gethired

Trial Account 3:

User Name: JCA57875

Password:  gethired

4 thoughts on “Job & Career Accelerator Trial

  1. Jude Anderson

    I played with this resource. It is similar to other tools, but I think it is worthwhile. The assessment tool is helpful but a bit limiting (as are most such tools). Given the economy and the Hard Times grant, this is a good resource for our libraries and patrons.

  2. Jocelyn R.

    The assessment and exploration areas are nice tools, although you can get much of the career information through the Occupational Outlook Handbook or other resources. The job search tool wasn’t the greatest, but it was nice to look at a job description then have the immediate capability to search for positions.

    Several times I clicked on a link and it took me to Learning Express instead of where I expected to go (e.g. career matches, cover letter builder). I don’t know if anyone else has had this issue, but it was really annoying to have to try to return to the Job Accelerator site.

    Overall, I think it would be a useful database enhancement.

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