ValueLine Reminder

A few of our branches have asked what happened to the staff-only online access to ValueLine:

Our 2010 subscription is now print only (no choice in the matter from vendor) and does not include an online access for missing issues.

If you are interested in giving up ValueLine in print for ValueLine Online with remote access, please comment here.  Same goes if you are NOT interested.  We’d love to hear all your comments on the matter!

3 thoughts on “ValueLine Reminder

  1. Kathleen Fernandes

    All of our regular Value Line users have asked if the library will offer online access. Sounds like a great idea to me!

  2. We will drag them kicking and screaming…It will be easy to explain to customers why we elected to purchase online access for all customers instead of print for just a few locations. And just think how much fun we will have showing those investor folks how to use it! Mary C

  3. Darren Nelson

    The online service will reach more customers, including remote, be more reliable, as well as more current. The customer reaction to Morningstar online has transcended ecstatic. To me this is a no-brainer. Thank you for pursuing next year. I am really looking forward to this online product!

    Darren N

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