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EBSCO Exclusive Content

Interesting buzz going about that may effect the future of all database providers and Sno-Isle subscriptions:

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction” ~ Winston Churchill


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5 thoughts on “EBSCO Exclusive Content

  1. Interesting. Here’s a link to a statement by Gale, which was in one of the comments on the blog post:

  2. Personally, I dislike the EBSCO interface, so I’m disappointed by this.

    Gale’s statement:

    I hate the idea of losing TIME in my ProQuest searches.

  3. Terry Beck on said:

    What’s interesting is to think about what things might be like if they were reversed and one of the other vendors got the exclusive.

  4. That’s true. If ProQuest were getting it, I’d probably not pay much attention at all because I like ProQuest better; it wouldn’t affect my research.

  5. At least I like and often use Ebsco first over ProQuest so this does not bother me as much as ProQuest users. I do not care who has it full text as long as I have access to the database and get the needed info.

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