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ProQuest Content Update

“For titles from Time Incorporated, we are continuing to provide abstracting and indexing, but current and backfile full-text coverage was discontinued effective February 2, 2010. Much of this content is also available on the open web.”

~ProQuest General Reference Content Update Newsletter – March 2010

Time Magazine itself is still available to Sno-Isle Libraries users in Gale and EBSCO products.  Please use our eJournal search tool to find the best databases for the time period you need:


Language Learning Product Trials Through 3/31/10

We have three language learning product trials for you to take a look at!  These three products have already met our basic selection guidelines and technology requirements.  Please take 5-10 minutes with each of these trial accounts and post a comment by 3/31/10  to share your input.  Thank you for participating!

Gale PowerSpeak:

You are prompted to create an individual account to track your personal learning, similar to Learning Express.  However, if you are hesitant to create a new account, you may use mine, as follows.
Email Address:
Name: Sno-Isle Trial
Password: language

Mango Languages:

If you are ever prompted for a password, the one that I set up is:  language10
You are also invited to attend a webinar on this product:
Wednesday, March 31, 2010
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Byki Online:

Please use any of the 8 trial username accounts that works for you:
Username: snoisle1     Password: test1      Start Date:  03/11/10   End Date: 03/24/10

Username: snoisle2     Password: test2      Start Date:  03/11/10   End Date: 03/24/10

Username: snoisle3    Password: test3      Start Date:  03/11/10   End Date: 03/24/10

Username: snoisle4     Password: test4      Start Date:  03/11/10   End Date: 03/24/10

Username: snoisle5     Password: test5      Start Date:  03/11/10   End Date: 03/24/10

Username: snoisle6     Password: test6      Start Date:  03/11/10   End Date: 03/24/10

Username: snoisle7     Password: test7      Start Date:  03/11/10   End Date: 03/24/10

Username: snoisle8     Password: test8      Start Date:  03/11/10   End Date: 03/24/10

There is a webinar scheduled for next Wednesday that can give you more information on this product and upcoming improvements:
Wed, Mar 24, 2010, 11:00  – 11:45 AM

Free ProQuest Training: HQO & ENW

Please check your schedules and try to attend a May 5th training on two ProQuest products, HeritageQuest Online (HQO) and Ethnic NewsWatch (ENW).  Two sessions are available that Wednesday, 9-11 AM and 2-4 PM.

The training will be provided by Karen Hinton, our ProQuest Trainer, and facilitated by Christa Werle in the Training Room at our Service Center.  Attendance arrangements should be made by CE Application Form and your supervisor.

There will be a class limit of 12 per session so that each attendee can participate at a workstation.  More information to come in a Training Opportunities announcement.  We just wanted to give you a heads up for schedule planning!

RSC Meeting Information #4 QuestionPoint

At the request of the Technology Action Team, we assigned metadata tags to all of the email and chat sessions that we recevied in January.  The top five categories were:

Homework               59%

Reference & Research           54%

Circulation              36%

Catalog help                 28%

Electronic Resources         22%

We’re lucky to have an I-School student volunteer who will continue this metadata assignment for six additional months.  The data will be analyzed and used to guide design of our website and Ask a Librarian services.

RSC Meeting Information #3 Reference Training in 2010

Reference training might look a little different this year.  As planning begins for the implementation of the service models, we would like to focus on the “core services” component of Reference service.  Details will be forthcoming very shortly.

RSC Meeting Information #2 Online v. Print

The Reference Services Committee had a lively discussion about duplication of print resources in databases and e-books.  Should we weed or should we retain?  Terry will begin to draft guidelines for the group and this will be discussed at the May 18 meeting.

RSC Meeting Information #1 Proctoring

Yes, our favorite topic is back on the agenda. 

We were asked to review one item in the list of what the library cannot do:
Arrange for courier or delivery pickup of completed exams. Nor can the library fax completed exams.

We are editing the second sentence to read:
Arrange for courier or delivery pickup of completed exams. Nor can the library fax completed exams and/or associated documents.

And we will add to what the library can do:

Will login test sessions with the institution-supplied passwords, but we cannot guarantee a specific time that the test may be taken.

Top GVRL Titles in February

West’s Encyclopedia of American Law  2nd ed. 13v 2005
Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday Law  2nd ed. 2v 2006
VideoHound’s Golden Movie Retriever  2010 ed. 2009
The College Blue Book  36th ed. 6v 2009
Acronyms Initialisms & Abbreviations Dictionary  41st ed. 4v 2009
Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life  2nd ed. 5v 2009
Encyclopaedia Judaica  2nd ed. 22v 2007
The Gale Encyclopedia of Science  4th ed. 6v 2008
How to Prepare a Business Plan  5th ed. 2008
Melton’s Encyclopedia of American Religions  8th ed. 2009

The law encyclopedias had over 1500 uses in February, which is significant.

March Free Gale Webinars

Log in and learn!

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Discover how Gale Virtual Reference Library allows your library to create its own eBook collection — giving your students and users online access to reference materials that had previously been available only in the library. This course will help current subscribers to use the database to its full capacity and new end-users to learn basic functionality.
Grzimek’s Animal Life Encyclopedia Online
Discover how to make the most of all the peer-reviewed content, newspapers, magazines, photos, maps, videos, audio tracks and more in this unique resource. You’ll learn to search and explore the different species portals, navigate articles, locate additional environmental topics and share your real life animal experiences with others.
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
This dynamic online library of current event topics gives you the facts, as well as the arguments, from the perspectives of the proponents, as well as the detractors. You’ll learn how to locate position papers on a variety of controversial issues, retrieve and save desired content, generate citations, take quizzes for classroom use and more.

My apologies for the short notice on some of these.  Hopefully they will work into your existing schedule.  Please check with your supervisor about the need for a CE Application to track your attendance at one of these valuable refresher trainings.

National Electrical Code (2008 Edition) Available from NFPA

The National Fire Protection Association provides access to a read only online document of the National Electrical Code, 2008 Edition, through their website:

Individual users are required to create an account with NFPA and sign in to see the document.  Once signed in, an index is available, but there are no search, print, or copy & paste functionalities.

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