Top GVRL Titles in February

West’s Encyclopedia of American Law  2nd ed. 13v 2005
Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday Law  2nd ed. 2v 2006
VideoHound’s Golden Movie Retriever  2010 ed. 2009
The College Blue Book  36th ed. 6v 2009
Acronyms Initialisms & Abbreviations Dictionary  41st ed. 4v 2009
Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life  2nd ed. 5v 2009
Encyclopaedia Judaica  2nd ed. 22v 2007
The Gale Encyclopedia of Science  4th ed. 6v 2008
How to Prepare a Business Plan  5th ed. 2008
Melton’s Encyclopedia of American Religions  8th ed. 2009

The law encyclopedias had over 1500 uses in February, which is significant.

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