New Features Added to Morningstar Investment Research Center

We recently added new content and tools to the Morningstar Investment Research Center. Some of the enhancements showcase areas that Morningstar has recently moved into, including credit ratings and index and market analysis. Other enhancements, including our new Calculators and Compare tools, were added in response to requests from clients.

Here are some of the highlights:

We’ve added several new tools, all of which are accessible from our home page: Most Similar Funds, Fund Compare, and ETF Valuation Quickrank.

We’ve launched a new Markets section. The Markets section includes all of the information and data that previously appeared in our Industries area and also includes these new features: Most Active Stocks, Style Returns, and U.S. Treasury Yields.

We’ve expanded our Portfolio area. You’ll still find our Portfolio X-Ray tool here, but you’ll also find new Retirement and College Savings Calculators featured in this area.

Over the next few months we will highlight some of the new tools and features in depth in Library Notes. This month, we’ll talk more about our new Markets area in the Training Corner.

<excerpt from 4/13/2010 Morningstar Library Notes newsletter>

We will post the “highlights” to this blog for Sno-Isle Libraries staff and forward the newsletters to our Reference Contacts.  Any questions?  Please contact Christa Werle (x7160).

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