NoveList Interface Changes Coming This Summer

Please read the text of an email I received today.  As more information & links become available, I will share them here.

Dear NoveList Customer,

We know it can sometimes be challenging to adapt to a new version of a trusted resource after a major user interface change. To help, we’ve taken several measures to ensure that you’re ready to transition by the time the new version of NoveList is released this summer. There are three ways to explore the new version before the official release:

  1. Play in the Beta version. In the center of the homepage of your version of NoveList, you’ll find a link to the Beta version of our forthcoming release. By clicking on the preview link, you’ll have access to all of the exciting new features coming this summer, along with the entire NoveList database to try. While you can practice using appeal factors in your Readers’ Advisory work and using NoveList to find title, series, and author recommendations, you won’t be able to use your NoveList folders, set your personalization, or use your catalog link in the Beta.
  2. Check out the NoveList Support Center ( Here, you will find everything you need to know about the new version and its release, including a timeline, screenshots, and information on reading recommendations and the addition of appeal factors like writing style and pace. We’ll be adding training and promotional materials along with additional information up until the release date.
  3. Sign up for a webinar. We will begin offering webinars on the new version of NoveList to walk you through the new interface and demonstrate the new features. We’ve designed these sessions to make sure you don’t miss anything. We’ll begin offering two 45-minute sessions each week beginning Tuesday, May 4th at 10:00 am EDT (GMT – 4:00). To view the complete list of dates and times, visit the EBSCO Training Site ( and sign up today!

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