Qwidget Removal

In order to maintain our answering ratio to the statewide virtual reference cooperative, we need to either increase our staffing of the service or decrease the number of requests from our customers.  Hesitant to change our staffing of the service until we can be fully in line with our Strategic Planning Service Models, we will remove the Qwidget from our site (pages 1246, 1174 and 2782 & all its sub-pages).

We expect to add the Qwidget back to our site in early 2011.

In the meantime, 24/7 Chat is still available to all of our patrons via the form on our site:

http://www.sno-isle.org/?ID=1176.  This link is found on our Ask a Librarian page.

Please let Christa Werle (x7160) know what questions you have!

One thought on “Qwidget Removal

  1. Christa Werle

    More info from Terry Beck: As active participants in the Washington Public Library Cooperative for QuestionPoint, we’re expected to be answering at least 75% of our own patron’s questions. Although we cover 10 hours of this chat service every week, we’ve had a hard time reaching that goal. When we spoke to the Washington State Library Coordinator for this service and how to raise that percentage, one of our options was to drop the Qwidget (the little chat box that used to appear on the page). The qwidget is set up to give us 60 seconds to answer the question before rolling up to the national queue where anyone else could answer the question. 60 seconds isn’t always observed by librarians, so we were losing some of our patrons through some over-zealous librarians grabbing them before we had a chance. By making this change, we make the service a little less visible and hope to increase the opportunities that we have to pick up our own customers. And it’s temporary. We hope to have it back next year, as we implement models of library service.

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