RSC Meeting: RINC

Nancy Messenger and Joe Munson joined us to discuss RINC verifications.  Two topics, use of Google Books and Microfilm, were on the table.  It was decided that:

  1. It’s a good idea to look at Google Books if the title is non-fiction.  Although this isn’t required for verifications, it’s sometimes possible to find that little snippet of information that the customer is looking for and print the screen, rather than begin the process for RINC and eventual ILL. 
  2. Microfilm of newspapers is one of the top requests in the microfilm format.  Each title request is counted as one RINC, regardless of how many reels of that particular title are sent.  Caution:  newspaper titles can vary, such as the Seattle Times or the Seattle Daily Times.  Although they are the same newspaper, they have different titles and would be considered different requests.

If you have questions about RINC verification, please contact Terry Beck.

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