Consumer’s Checkbook

For the past several years we’ve had access to the online Consumer’s Checkbook because we had print subscriptions to the magazine.  That’s about to change.  The publisher, like so many other magazine publishers, will no longer offer the online at no additional cost to the library print subscriber. 

We will be looking at this as a total online product.  Here’s a link to the trial:

Username:  psdlibrary

Password:  access

If our IT assessment is successful, this will be live next month.

7 thoughts on “Consumer’s Checkbook

  1. Darren Nelson

    I have found this to be a lifesaver on many occasions for local consumer information. There is no adequate substitute. The magazine I rarely see people using, but this is one case where I think customers would love the online product. Are you talking about online as in direct and remote customer access–that would be great! Even if it was staff only access I would support it as online over print. Thanks! Darren

  2. Chris Sorenson

    I use (ahem, have been using) the online version several time a week. There really is no substitute. On the other hand, I don’t see the magazine used much. I think patrons would greatly benefit from this being available online. If not, as Darren says, we should at least restore staff only access.

  3. marin

    love the database and used it frequently with patrons at SPL. to echo what others have said, the print wasn’t used as much.

  4. Lesla

    Yes! This would be great a great resource to have available online, both from a librarian’s and a patron’s perspective. I personally used it when my husband and I needed to get our windows and roof replaced. I wrote about it in a blog post on auto repair when a tree fell on our truck. Even if it were staff-only, it’d still be worthwhile.

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