Product Trial: EBSCO Integrated Search,uid&profile=ehis

Userid: sno-isle
Password: eh1s

The following subscriptions are NOT currently included in our trial of this federated search product:

  • Associations Unlimited
  • Biography and Geneaology Master Index
  • Biography Resource Center
  • History Resource Center: U.S.
  • History Resource Center: World
  • RefUSA

Please share your comparisons of this feedback to our current 360 Search federated search product.  The Reference Services Committee will be making a decision regarding changing our federated search platform from 360 Search to EBSCO Integrated Search in July.

4 thoughts on “Product Trial: EBSCO Integrated Search

  1. Rob

    I was really impressed with Integrated Search – it’s *much* faster than 360, and I think speed really is the central issue for these types of products. Very cool!

  2. Mamie

    I don’t use 360 very often, but I do like this new interface better. Like Rob mentioned, it was fast and that is definitely crucial for staff and customers. My only question is will customers be confused since it looks like entering a database? Otherwise, I liked it.

  3. Kathy S

    I have never been that impressed with 360, and I agree that this is much simpler and faster to use. It has the added advantage that if a patron is already familiar w/ the ebsco interface, it will be much easier for them.

  4. How refreshing to find what I’m looking for!
    I was researching a classroom assessment program developed by a national authority in public education. I found a list of his publications and an abstract on the assessment itself in Integrated Search by ticking off ERIC and Advanced Academic. All I needed.
    I started with 360 and couldn’t find any of the above.

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