8 thoughts on “Product Trial: Value Line Investment Survey Online

  1. Well there will be a learning curve. Esp. if one tries to use the online like you would the books.

    Using the Index and Summary online to locate the company is a challenge as it is not clear what issue it would be in. I found this method while it works great in print confusing online.

    It is better to just enter the company name in Lookup Company button on the left of the screen. So it may be a bit confusing to reg. ValueLine users at first.

  2. Steve

    Yes, a real learning curve. I’ve had people in my investment club say they have used it at KCLS and didn’t like it. They prefer the print version.

    We would have to give some type of training for staff and/or patrons.

    In the long run, it’s probably the best route to go.

  3. Rob

    I found the interface surprisingly clunky and confusing – I can only imagine what some of our less tech-savvy patrons would make of this! If we decide to purchase the product, I would definitely like to participate in a vendor-provided webinar, I suspect there’s quite a bit of functionality here that I am missing. Still, I feel that the electronic product will increase access to this information for our patrons (this database will be accessible from home, right?) and, as such, is the way to go.

  4. Kathy S

    A word of warning to testers: You can’t get back in and test it later. It appears that you only get the one time before you need a password. What I was able to look at seemed very much centered on pdf versions of the print Valueline.

  5. Christa Werle

    When you get that message, try clicking “Cancel” and then “My Value Line”on the menu bar. That should get you back into the content. My apologies for this glitch.

  6. Steve

    The more I use this – the more I like it. I’m leading a demo at LYN’s Ref. staff meeting this week. Overall, this database is like all of them – the more you use it the easier it gets.

  7. Marie

    This is a resource I’ve had experience with as a student at UMA. It is an easy-to-use resource and has all the information the print version has plus miles more. The ability to see current news articles that mention the company and see all kinds of related company documents (all from one database) is awesome. I’m thrilled that SIL is looking at this resource.

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