Outdated InfoGuides Removed

With all the new interface updates, it became apparent to the Reference Services Committee that the info guides creates more than two years ago for many of our favorite electronic resources were no longer accurate.  The links to them have been removed.  Over the coming months we will be replacing the old “info guides” with links to vendor supplied tutorials, guides, etc.  The videos for highlighted resources recently made by our Marketing Dept. are current and will remain.

As always, if you or a customer have a question about or need any help with one of our subscription resources, please feel free to contact Christa Werle (x7160) at any time!

New ProQuest Platform Preview

The Washington State Library and its constituent libraries around the state have been selected to participate in the Customer Preview of the New ProQuest Platform.  As part of this preview, librarians are invited to attend one of two upcoming New Platform Preview webinars; ProQuest trainer Karen Hinton will give a demonstration of the new platform and answer questions. The preview period is intended to provide a period of time to explore the new platform while still having access to the existing platforms.

Important Note: Only library staff associated with an institution participating in the Customer Preview period may register for these online sessions. Advance registration is required. You must use your institutional email address (e.g., @school.edu, @agency.gov) to register. Registrations using a non-institutional email address (e.g., @gmail.com, @verizon.net) will not be approved.

Please join one of the upcoming preview webinars for a closer look:

September 1     2 pm

New ProQuest Platform Preview



September 10  11 am

New ProQuest Platform Preview


Magazine and Journal Article Requests

Now that our new RINC version can accept magazine and journal article requests, it’s a good time to review some tips in verifying.  Please feel free to add your own suggestions to these:

  1. Always begin with our own resources.  Check the  A to Z list that’s found on our Databases and Research page and don’t forget to look at FirstSearch where there are several databases of magazines/journals.
  2. If it’s not available in any of the e-resources in #1, do a search for the journal/magazine title.  Many of the journals produced by societies and organizations have indexing available on the website and some even have full text articles available.
  3. If you cannot verify the magazine or journal title, please do a reference interview and don’t send the request along until you can verify the title of the magazine/journal.  ILL cannot proceed unless they have that verification.

Puget Sound Consumer’s Checkbook

We now have access to the electronic edition of Puget Sound Consumer’s Checkbook.  Although we try to avoid subscriptions to electronic resources that cannot be accessed from home, there are situations where it’s just not something that the vendor is willing to permit.  And this was one of those situations.  But this is such a valuable tool that we decided to begin the subscription.  Our print reference  subscriptions will cease in early 2011.

RINC requests with an ILL status

When a RINC has the status of ILL, that means that Joe Munson is working on the request and trying to find the item for the patron.  We all know that people change their minds and sometimes they’ll call their local library and tell them that they no longer need that item.  If that happens, please contact Joe and let him know what’s going on.  Do not delete or complete the request if it’s in ILL.

EBSCO Integrated Search is Live for Sno-Isle Libraries

EBSCO Integrated Search (the federated search of most of our electronic resource content), A to Z (online subscription finder) and LinkSource (linking to full text articles from citations) are now up and running for Sno-Isle Libraries.  You can find access to them on our Database & Research page (http://www.sno-isle.org/?ID=1246).  Currently Integrated Search is titled “Subject Search”, and this will be changed to “Complete Database Search” in the next couple of days.  The A – Z list (online subscription finder) can be searched from the link to “Ebsco A-Z Periodicals List”.

Please keep in mind that we are still working out some bugs and figuring out the best implementation of these products on our site for the majority or our users.  Please, please comment here with your ideas, comments, frustrations, rants and raves!

Gale Resource Centers are now “in Context”

Gale In Context resources launched last weekend to replace their corresponding Resource Centers. You will now automatically see:

  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context instead of Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
  • U.S. History in Context instead of History Resource Center: U.S.
  • World History in Context instead of History Resource Center: World

The Gale In Context experience will build collaboration between librarians, patrons, students and educators while supporting 21st-century skill development with quality content and engaging functionality including:

  • The acclaimed content for which Gale is known — including more than 4,700 unique titles
  • Engaging, highly-relevant and media-rich content delivered in context through more than 1,800 Web-like portal pages

· Media-rich content, including images, audio, video, maps and interactive resources

· Search Assist and “Did you mean?” technology

· Enhanced display of search results

· Read Speaker text-to-speech technology and ability to adjust font size—available on every page

· Document translator allows translation of any document into French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese, simplified Chinese, and Korean

· Web 2.0 sharing allows linking through hundreds of popular social networks and bookmarking tools

· The ability to print, e-mail, download, and bookmark items

· Citation tools mapped to MLA7 and APA6 standards

Additional Features Added to Biography in Context

Biography in Context is now slated to launch in late-August/early-September.  Biography in Context will be enhanced to include the following features/benefits:

  • Hundreds of hand-crafted portals pages and enhanced search display to provide comprehensive results on high-interest figures
  • Biography-specific search box at the top of every page allows users to search by person, occupation, birth/death date and more with just one-click
  • Enhanced person search results page will default sort by relevance and allow additional sort fields by occupation, birth date and death date

InfoMarks Update

InfoMarks linking to documents in Resource Centers WILL automatically be redirected to the same document in the new In Context environment. InfoMarks linking to search results will redirect to the homepage of the In Context resource.

This product enhancement that will help ensure a seamless transition for you and your users.

Exciting Enhancements Coming Soon

In late-August/early-September, all Gale In Context products will be enhanced to include the following features not currently available in our the Resource Centers.

  • Interactive maps in all products (at launch, only Opposing Viewpoints will feature this technology)
  • Customizable order of content bucket types on portal pages
  • Customizable homepage news
  • Ability to turn off Lexile reading levels
  • Ability to turn off ReadSpeaker
  • Support for RIS citation format (standard format for all 3rd party citation services)
  • A prompt for the user to execute a new search when redirected from an expired search InfoMark

The titles of these resources have already been changed on the Sno-Isle Libraries site, so please look for the new names!

NoveList Temporarily Unavailable 8/4/10

Implementation of the new version of NoveList is scheduled to begin on August 4th.   NoveList will be temporarily unavailable during the transition period.

During that time, we will still have access to the NoveList Beta site. Clicking on the NoveList link from our site will take you to a “NoveList is Temporarily Unavailable” page where you’ll see a link to the NoveList Plus Beta site. While certain features are not available in the beta version, (e.g., personal folders and catalog linking) you will still have access to the complete NoveList Plus database.