New ProQuest Platform Preview

The Washington State Library and its constituent libraries around the state have been selected to participate in the Customer Preview of the New ProQuest Platform.  As part of this preview, librarians are invited to attend one of two upcoming New Platform Preview webinars; ProQuest trainer Karen Hinton will give a demonstration of the new platform and answer questions. The preview period is intended to provide a period of time to explore the new platform while still having access to the existing platforms.

Important Note: Only library staff associated with an institution participating in the Customer Preview period may register for these online sessions. Advance registration is required. You must use your institutional email address (e.g.,, to register. Registrations using a non-institutional email address (e.g.,, will not be approved.

Please join one of the upcoming preview webinars for a closer look:

September 1     2 pm

New ProQuest Platform Preview


September 10  11 am

New ProQuest Platform Preview

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