Legal Product Trials – October 2010

Our final area of consideration for electronic resources this year is Legal Information.  The Reference Services Committee (RSC) has selected two products for trial during the month of October.  Please participate and comment here or contact your  RSC representative with your feedback.  The trials run through 10/28/10.  Shortly following this date, we will send out a survey to all librarians asking for your feedback.

EBSCO Legal Information Reference Center (

  • User Name:  snoisle
  • Password:  library

Gale LegalForms (

3 thoughts on “Legal Product Trials – October 2010

  1. I love the Gale database. I’ve had great success with it in the past with customers, for legal forms in WA State. Power of Attorney, rental/lease forms, divorce, etc. This is information we’re asked for all the time at Oak Harbor and this database would be a huge help / service.

    EBSCO’s access to NOLO, and other how-to type content is great, but we have a great print collection of this information, so maybe we’d look at the overlap?

    I am mostly interested in / in need of legal forms.


  2. Betsy Arand

    If we can only choose one of these, I’d vote for the Gale Legal Forms – it was more intuitive, the forms are the right ones for Washington, and the instructions for filling in the forms are very clear. The background information and definitions provided in the Ebsco product are helpful, but available elsewhere.

  3. Kathy Smargiassi

    We get a lot of call from patron for legal forms, and the Gale Legal Forms would be wonderful for that.

    EBSCO had good information, but would probably have less immediate demand.

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