Enhancements to LearningExpress Library

LearningExpress announced the following changes to the LearningExpress Library platform:

  • eBooks are now accessible within Learning Centers
  • Delete functionality now available from My Center

An active alert is on the home page of LearningExpress Library announcing these new features.

Find eBooks within Learning Centers

eBooks are now more accessible and easier to find, listed under the appropriate Learning Center. Users can easily locate the desired eBooks by browsing the content within a Learning Center or by using the search box located in the upper left hand corner of the LearningExpress Library.  Users can add eBooks to their “My Center” and download them at their convenience.

Delete Functionality in My Center

Users can now delete tests, courses and eBooks from their “My Center” page. Please note: the deleted course or test and its status cannot be recovered. Before deletion, a confirmation prompts users to verify that they do indeed want to delete.  If a test, course or eBook is erroneously deleted, a new version can be added to the “My Center” at any time.

Direct any questions, about these new enhancements to LearningExpress Library, to Christa Werle, Electronic Services Coordinator, x7160.

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