Tips & Tricks from Job & Career Accelerator

Job searching involves many steps and details. It’s tough to remember and keep track of what you have done when you’re applying for multiple jobs. Following up is an important and often overlooked part of the process.

Job & Career Accelerator has the tools to help with every aspect of your job search – from resume preparation to what to do after an interview. You will need a Gmail account associated with your Job & Career Accelerator account to activate the reminder feature.

With the ‘My Reminders’ function you can track dates and details of every job application including:

  • When you sent your resume
  • Who was contacted
  • Interviews
  • Thank-you letters
  • Any other tasks you deem appropriate

When you set up the task, you also create an email to send yourself – it’s a great way to test drive the display and content of the email you plan to use, such as when you introduce yourself to the hiring manager.

Further, Job & Career Accelerator will display your reminders that are due whenever you log in to your account.

Expressing genuine enthusiasm and perseverance by following up is critical to landing a job in today’s economy. Job & Career Accelerator makes it easy to stay on track!

Here are some of the more common questions and answers covered in last month’s webinar:

Q: In today’s electronic world do we really need cover letters? Isn’t a resume enough?

A: No. We’ve surveyed HR Directors and asked this very question. The results are consistently the same. 1/3 of people never read the cover letters. 1/3 of people will read the cover letter if the resume interests them. Finally, another third of the people will read the cover letter first (which is what our intention is). You never know what percentage you’re writing to, so every resume needs a cover letter! The reality is you may write a resume and use it to apply for many jobs. The cover letter allows you to tailor the content for the particular opportunity, and write things that are most important to that prospective employer.

Q: Should the cover letter be in the same word file as the resume, or should they be in two separate files that you would email as attachments?

A: There is no hard and fast rule. Generally I like to keep them both in one file so that the employer only has to click once. This way, they’ll see your cover letter and resume together.

Q: I’ve heard that hiding keywords within your cover letter and resume may increase your chances of getting your documents opened. Would you recommend this?

A: I wouldn’t recommend doing this. The keywords should be the content of your resume and cover letter. You shouldn’t need to add and hide additional words. Focus on using applicable keywords in your resume and cover letter and you should be fine.


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