New EBSCOhost Features

EBSCO has released several updates to EBSCOhost, described below:

EBSCOhost Enhancements:

Additional Authorities Available in Related Information, for example, Related Business Videos and Company Information.

MP3 Downloads are available for content that supports the Text-to-Speech function, from the Detailed Record view.

The Date Slider reflects the Result List date range unless manually adjusted by the user.  Changes made to the Date Slider are sticky–its usage is reflected in the breadbox as a limiter, and in Search History.

Branding is available for the bottom of a Detail Record, when enabled in EBSCOadmin from the Add Branding or the Modify Branding screen.

Citations 2010 features the addition of the Harvard and new APA (6th edition) formats.

Minimum Browser Requirements have changed, and Internet Explorer 6.0 support will cease as of January 2011.  See the updated minimum browser requirements in this FAQ.

This information is available from the EBSCO Support Site:

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