DIY Trials

Though we had trials for Do It Yourself products scheduled later in the year, we are going ahead with trials now.  There is a limited number of products available and by trialling them now, we can evaluate access sooner and work to fill remaining gaps with our eBook collections.

So, please visit this EBSCO trial site over the next 30 days and take a look at Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center and the Home Improvement Reference Center.  Post your comments and feedback here on the blog.  These trials will expire on 4/20/11 and then be evaluated by the Reference Services Committee.

To Login to the Free Trial:
Go to:
User Id: snoisle
Password: library

7 thoughts on “DIY Trials

  1. I like both a lot! They offer very different content (wiring lights vs. planning a wedding), so it would be a tough call to choose. The content in each is user-friendly and very searchable. KF, OAK

  2. Christa Werle

    Don’t worry about choosing between the two right now! We just need your overall impressions of each product. Content scope? Currency? Ease of search interface? Value/relevance to our customers? Thank you!

  3. Kathy S

    I noticed that the Home Improvement database had a direct link “Decks”, and then separate link to “Decks” under “Carpentry” and then “Outside”, but it didn’t look like the articles in the 2 different places were the same. That could be confusing.

    In the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center, their popular links under the subject headings stayed the same, which was fine when the subject was somewhat related (quilting and felting), but was somewhat jarring when exploring snowboarding and the popular links were still quilting and beaded earings.

    Having pointed out those quibbles, I did like both databases, as they were clear and easy to navigate, and had lots of interesting articles that both introduced topics and gave instructions for specific projects.

    -Kathy (MAR)

  4. Christa Werle

    From Besty A.:
    Both of these look great – I think they would be really popular with customers.

    There’s a pretty wide variance in the quality of the legibility of some of the articles. While most of the articles I looked at had great illustrations, a couple were from older sources and the print quality was fuzzy and a little hard to read. Some of the articles also took a long time to download because of the number of illustrations. Also, they’re geared to popular topics and I didn’t have as much luck with doing a specific search. For example, a customer recently wanted information for repairing a flat roof, so I used that as a trial search. I got a long list of articles on roof repair but nothing on the first results page that specifically mentioned flat roofs (even when sorted by relevance). Another search I tried was for bat houses and the results list included a lot of articles about bats but not necessarily how to build a bat house (with more experience I could probably improve the results for this!).

    I liked the usability of starting with one subject and then being able to narrow the search (similar to online shopping sites) and think these would be a welcome addition.

  5. rbranigin

    I’m not sure that the Hobbies and Crafts reference Center would get much use – I don’t get many requests for this type of information and when I do, patrons seem satisfied with print.

    The Home Improvement Reference Center, though, is quite impressive and I think this would be an exceptionally useful and popular addition to our collection, a nice supplement to the Small Engine Repair Reference Center.

  6. Jen

    I like both as well, although for some reason I was unable to access the PDF files in the Home Improvement Center. These would be especially helpful when our print collection is limited.

  7. Anne

    I think we should get them based solely on the crocheted Santa toilet seat cover I found!

    I’ll keep looking at them, and get back to you…

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