New Databases & Research Pages

One part of the IPRS work plan in 2010 included revising the design of the Databases & Research pages to better engage our customers with robust and seamless access to our online resources, in line with Goal V of our Strategic Plan.

Based on common threads in past surveys of staff, information requests from our online customers, evaluation of other library sites, and feedback from a communications and marketing consultant we created a list of what was working well and what needed improvement.  We determined what areas involved other work groups and have worked with Web Services, Community Libraries, Children’s & Teen Services, and the Reference Services Committee to refine and update the design of our Databases & Research pages.

We have tried to simplify and clean up what is available by adding a graphic orientation to the landing page and then limiting the resources available on each subject page (with an expanded number of subjects) to the best 3-10 resources available online.  We have tried to personalize and promote our librarians as information professionals by providing pictures and contact linkages to the librarians/libraries that are responsible for maintaining each subject page.  We have edited each resource description to be concise and meaningful to our public customers.

Though the date may get pushed back to accommodate Polaris Transition priorities, we are currently hoping to go live with these pages on April 4th.

Please take a look at the SPEC pages:

And PLEASE, share your comments and feedback here on the blog.

6 thoughts on “New Databases & Research Pages

  1. Anne

    I like it. The new design gives clear selections without visual information overload, and the bordered blocks really help separate the choices.

  2. Christa Werle

    From Kathy S: I also like the clear sections.

    I did have a librarian type question: which database(s) does the first box search? Is it EBSCO, ProQuest, both, neither?

    My other question is, currently when the patron hovers over the “Databases and research” button on the main page, the subject heading menu pops down automatically. Will that remain the same?

  3. Christa Werle

    The search box on the main page is a federated search using EBSCO Integrated Search. Results should include content from EBSCO, Gale, Proquest and other subscriptions.

    The “floating” drop down menu from the menu bar applies to the larger website. Web Services has received a lot of feedback about this and is working on a revision that will work better for everyone.

  4. Christa Werle

    Suggestion to change language from “Sno-Isle Libraries has hand-picked the best information on topics that we realize are important to our community.” to “Sno-Isle Libraries has hand-picked the best information on topics that are important to our community.” Take out the “we realize”.

    I like it!

  5. Christa Werle

    “Are we still going to have the ability to search a magazine title and find out which database has it and how far back? And if so, where will that reside?”

    Yes. It has been added to the “Magazines & Newspapers” subject page and is always available from the “Magazines” page:

  6. Debbie

    I generally like the clean look of the page. My only suggestion would be to remove the shaded frame from around the first Databases & Research box. The others each have something interactive going on but this one is just text. I found myself searching around the text for a link to something. The text would be better standing on its own.

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