Reach our ‘non-users’, but reward our best customers…

How can we apply the concepts of “The Thank You Economy” to our Information Services??

Background on the book:

NPR Interview with author that got me thinking:

One thought on “Reach our ‘non-users’, but reward our best customers…

  1. Eric

    I like the comment that social media is having an effect by humanizing businesses. I think this is where the potential for social media is in libraries as well. We are used to thinking of staff at a customer service point as being interchangable. One reference librarian will conduct a reference interview in the same way as another and by applying the same librarianship will come up with the same answer. This can’t be our expectation any longer. Customers are expecting more than automation and an impersonal application of academically aquired skills. I think this is true in virtual service as well as in face to face services. Putting a human face to our customer service is different than providing good customer service as an institution. The invitation to throw away the script (in our case it might be the desk schedule) and let the customer lead might be where the revolution is headed.

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