Value Line Upgrade

Based on the popularity of the resource (usage) and the ongoing transition from print to online meaning we were losing access to the Small & Mid-Cap Edition, we have upgraded from the Value Line Investment Survey to the Value Line Research Center.

When accessing Value Line (, you will see the expanded options available under the “Quick Index” links on the left side of your screen.

This subscription includes:
• The Value Line Investment Survey Library Edition
• The Value Line Expanded  Library Edition
• The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey – Full-page reports on about 700 leading equity funds, and abbreviated reports on over 1,200 additional equity and bond funds. We also provide summary data reports on all of the funds in the Value Line Mutual Fund database, which contains about 20,000 total mutual funds. Additionally, you can use on-line screening tools to search the database for funds that meet your specific investment objectives.
• The Value Line Daily Options Survey – Daily evaluations and ranks on over 180,000 options, on about 2,000 stocks, and 11,000 longer-term options (LEAPS).
• The Value Line Special Situations Service – Opens the world of emerging companies with bright futures to the more aggressive investor. Our analysts are constantly on the lookout for lesser-known stocks where unusual developments may pave the way for extraordinary rewards.
• The Value Line Convertible Survey – Contains analysis and evaluation of over 700 convertible issues and nearly 120 warrants in a timely and easy to use format, as well as buy and sell recommendations, full- page reports on recommended securities, and news on companies in the service.

In addition, The Value Line Research Center also provides users free delayed stock quotes, company news, extensive graphing, market updates, portfolio tracking with alerts, Value Line Analyst Supplements in real time, educational programs and a great deal of free information from Wall Street’s most respected source.

I do not have any training or webinar information at this time, though we plan to schedule this in coordination with eResource of the Month in 2012.

We do have a one page Value Line User Guide

Please let me know if you have any questions! (x7160)

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