This bud (of information) is for you…

Free ProQuest Webinar

Thursday, September 22, 2011 8:00 am

Marijuana: Beyond the Open Web

The Cannabis sativa plant is believed to have been used as far back as 7000 B.C. Today the amount of information available on this topic is staggering. Join the ProQuest trainers for an hour long webinar to review resources and search strategies that will take you beyond the overwhelming content available on the open web. Learn how to focus your topic and identify primary source materials for your research, or simply satisfy your own curiosity about this controversial plant!

Topics Covered:

  • Marijuana historical timeline (SIRS Knowledge Source) – we have
  • Narrowing the topic (databases on the new ProQuest platform) – we have
  • Public opinion in the past century (ProQuest Historical Newspapers) – we have
  • Congressional research and hearings (ProQuest Congressional) – don’t have
  • Public laws (ProQuest Legislative Insight) – don’t have
  • Public opinion polls and other statistics (ProQuest Statistical Insight) – don’t have

RINCs that go Reference

I don’t see nearly as many RINCs as my colleagues in Collection Development, but almost every genealogy or local history request ends up on my virtual plate.  This just a gentle reminder to check our E-resources (AncestryLibrary and HeritageQuest) as part of the RINC verification process and to make that little tic mark on the RINC to let us know that you checked.  It’s always better to be able to serve our customers at the point of need and not 8-10 weeks later.

So, how do you know that something could be genealogy or local history?  Watch for these buzz words in the titles:

  • Family history
  • County (city, community, etc.) history
  • Cemetery
  • Records
  • Census
  • Vital records–birth, marriage, death
  • Lists
It will never be perfect and there’s always a title that surprises us when it’s local history.  Just give it your best shot!

Proctoring: Guidelines and Such

As many of you may have heard, King County Library System no longer offers proctoring service for their customers.  We’ve experienced a slight increase in our demand for proctoring in the libraries close to KCLS locations.  Please remember to share our proctoring guidelines with anyone who asks about this service.

One of the most recent requests came from a customer who asked if we could scan and email the test back to the university.  Although several libraries have scanners, the Reference Services Committee decided that they could not endorse this practice since a scanner was not available at every library.

Free Job & Career Accelerator Webinar

August 17, 2011 2:00 p.m. EST
Interests and Careers: Explore & Prepare for Jobs of the Future”
With Career Counseling Expert Jim Kelly

Whether you are seeking career opportunities for yourself or counseling others, learn how to explore industries and job titles and prepare for positions that will continue to grow in this competitive market!

The strategies Jim covers in this special presentation will help job seekers identify and reach their goals, and get hired. You’ll learn:

  • What skills and peronal traits employers are really seeking
  • How to identify and reach your professional goals
  • Which industries and job titles are positioned for growth
  • And much more!

Don’t miss this chance to help your patrons and students work towards their goals!

 Register here today: Kelly is founder of Real Leaders Lead, a successful executive coaching firm. He specializes in helping job seekers and professionals move forward with their careers.

Please send your questions, comments and feedback on the webinar series to:

*After registering you will receive a confirmation email from containing information about joining the Webinar.

Reference Survey Week in October

Reference Survey Week October 16-22, 2011   (That’s Sunday through Saturday)

Yes, it’s that time of the year again.

  • At the beginning of each day—place a survey form at each service desk, make hash marks for the type of question and whether it was in-person or by phone/email.  Since we’re studying time with this survey, it’s important to keep the marks in the correct box.
  • At the end of each day, total the number of questions in each box.  The person who’s responsible for reporting the statistics will take a blank form and fill it in with the branch totals for each type of question and time of day.  If you’re more comfortable with Excel, that’s fine.  If you use Excel, feel free to submit the spreadsheet via email.  Make sure that you identify your branch on this form—the three letter branch code is fine.
  • At the end of the week, send the 7 forms (one for each day) with the branch totals to Terry Beck @ SRV.  Don’t send the whole bundle of forms!

The form is found on the intranet :

August Free ProQuest Webinars

  • Introduction to the New ProQuest Platform: recorded, live: August 2, August 18, August 24 and August 31
    Learn how users will be able to search, find, use, and share their research in exciting ways. We will also answer questions and show you how to access support, including tutorials, help pages and documentation.
  • Advanced Searching: Beyond the Single Search Box:
    live: August 3, August 19 and August 29
    This session covers:
    • Advanced Search, Command Line, Look Up Citation, and Find Similar search forms
    • Identifying relevant subject terms with ProQuest Smart Search
    • Locating appropriate subject terms using the Thesaurus
    • Formatting a search using field codes, proximity operators and special characters
    • Creating a marked list and viewing selected items
    • Support and tutorials
    • Questions
  • My Research: recorded, live: August 4 and August 15
    See how the powerful My Research tool—now on the new ProQuest platform—allows users to create a profile within their institutional account to save and organize search strategies and references, create and save RSS feeds, email alerts, tags, and shared lists.
  • My Research & RefWorks: Perfect Together live: August 16 and August 25
    This session covers:
    • Using My Research and RefWorks together
    • Managing folders
    • Simplifying direct exports from ProQuest
    • Syncing RefWorks with My Research
    • Support and tutorials
    • Questions