Proctoring: Guidelines and Such

As many of you may have heard, King County Library System no longer offers proctoring service for their customers.  We’ve experienced a slight increase in our demand for proctoring in the libraries close to KCLS locations.  Please remember to share our proctoring guidelines with anyone who asks about this service.

One of the most recent requests came from a customer who asked if we could scan and email the test back to the university.  Although several libraries have scanners, the Reference Services Committee decided that they could not endorse this practice since a scanner was not available at every library.

2 thoughts on “Proctoring: Guidelines and Such

    1. Terry Beck

      The Library cannot:

      Provide a locked or secure place for the test.
      Provide a quiet study room for test taking.
      Provide a librarian to monitor the test taking, one-on-one.
      Provide proctoring for large groups of students.
      Provide extended computer time on an internet computer. Internet computers are scheduled at each branch, with a limit of 2 hours per day. However, the individual computers have time limits and few branches allow 2 hours in a single time increment. The librarian cannot override this time limit.
      Mail the completed exam at times other than the regular library mailing.
      Arrange for courier or delivery pickup of completed exams. Nor can the library fax completed exams.

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