BusinessDecision Changes

Each of the items below are in various states of testing and completion, and BusinessDecision will start updating this week.


The first set of changes address BusinessDecision reports:

1)     In Choose Reports, the “single report” option has been removed. All reports will be generated in the ‘batch mode.’ We found the distinction between Single and Batch reports was causing confusion for the end-users. End-users can still run their reports one at a time, it will just be done from the same list.

2)     We removed the third-party report display software called ‘Scribd.’ Reports will now be completed faster and end-users will no longer get the ‘timeout’ message. Reports will open in a separate Window rather in the Scribd container in either Excel or PDF.

3)     We’ve added a feature that will enable end-users to download all reports for a project in a single zipped file!

Thematic Maps

The process of preparing for release thematic maps has been very slow due to problems with our data provider. We know you want the maps, and we want to get them to you. We are in the final stages of development and should be ready to rollout the thematic maps in the next few weeks  We’ll send you more information as soon as we have a final release schedule.

Other stuff

One of the features on the New Project page is to Upload a list of locations. This feature uploads a comma separated value (csv) spreadsheet. It wasn’t working correctly. We have fixed it and we’re in the final phase of testing. This fix will be released in the next few days.

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