Job & Career Accelerator News – November

Featured Webinar:  Resume Do’s & Dont’s: The Ultimate Guide

Job seekers need resumes that get employers’ attention and open door. A successful resume is the first step to landing jobs. This webinar will provide expert advice, tangible tips, and proven tricks for building a successful resume.

Louise Kursmark is a seasoned resume writing expert. As a founding board member of the Career Masters Institute, Louise was the first person worldwide to earn the prestigious “Master Resume Writer” credential.

Helping students and patrons take steps to meet their career goals is challenging and rewarding. College career centers, librarians and others will benefit from this insightful presentation.

Reference Do’s and Don’ts Blog Article

Job seekers preparing for the interview process often fail to look to the next stage of the job search process: references. It’s not a good idea to ignore this crucial step until the last minute, as you must rely on people you may not see regularly, and whose schedules you don’t know, to help seal a job offer. Prepare appropriate professional references in advance and save yourself a lot of aggravation when an employer requests them on short notice.

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