Tools for Tough Times Subject Renaming Info:

Two of our subject pages are migrating away from Tools for Tough Times into  our regular Databases & Research subject categories:

  • “Get a Jump on the Job Hunt” will be renamed “Job Search Resources” to be consistent with linking throughout the site.
  • “Small Business Start-Up” will be renamed “Business: Small Business Start-Up” to bring it into alphabetical order for better discovery.

All of the other Tools for Tough Times links will be going away as this project/grant period is over.  Colleen will have more information on this in the next “What’s Up on the Web” newsletter.  The ‘Laptops for Job Seekers’ information remains on the Job Search Resources page:

Our Reference Services Committee will be evaluating the following categories for redundancy and making some edits and changes to keep things clean:

  • Business
  • Small Business Start-up (Small Business Start-Up)
  • Get a Jump on the Job Hunt (Job Search Resources)
  • Job & Skills Development

Any questions?   Please call Colleen (x7046) or Christa (x7160).  Thank you!

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