Job & Career Accelerator January Tip

Use Job & Career Accelerator to Prepare for Interviews:

During a job and career search, one will go on countless interviews-some interviews will occur over the phone and some interviews will occur face-to-face. Interviews can be a major source of anxiety for many jobseekers.

Jobseekers can use the About Job Interviews resources on Job & Career Accelerator™ to ease their job interview jitters.

To access the About Job Interviews module, click on the “Tools to Get Hired” link at the top of the Job & Career Accelerator™ homepage. The About Job Interviews module will appear on the left side of the page. The module covers all the steps in the interview process, from scheduling the interview to post-interview follow-up. The module also includes a few sample job interview questions that users can answer.

After using the About Job Interviews module in Job & Career Accelerator™, patrons will be all set for their upcoming interviews!

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