Science Online Updates

This latest update to Science Online adds more than 600 new essays and definitions on the topic of pollution, more than 30 new photographs, and more than 250 new color illustrations on a wide variety of science topics. Continue reading for more details about this update.

New Essays and Definitions on Pollution
Pollution of the water, air, and ground is a growing problem for people the world over, whether it is due to man-made causes or natural occurrences. Events ranging from the Exxon Valdez oil spill to the effects of Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico have had devastating impacts on the environment. New to the Science Online database are more than 600 essays and definitions dealing with the study of pollution, including the different types of pollutants, uses, adverse health effects, and environmental regulations from governmental agencies.

New entries include:

New Photographs Related to Pollution
Perhaps the best way to understand the full impact of pollution on the environment is to see it in the form of a full-color photograph. To give users a more complete look at the issue of pollution in our world, more than 30 new photographs related to the topic have been added to the database with this latest update. From the burning of the oil tanker Burmah Agate to the cleansing effects of a forest fire, each of the events photographed depicts a type of pollution.

New photographs include:

New Science Illustrations
Visual renderings can help shed light on science concepts, allowing users of all ages to get a clearer understanding of the concept being explained. Science Online‘s latest update adds more than 250 new color illustrations on such topics as light, sound, and gravity; radioactivity; quantum theory; planetary motion and the universe; cell theory; the genetic code; natural selection and evolution; and much more. These illustrations can be effective tools for learners who have trouble grasping science concepts solely through text.

New illustrations include:

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