Chat Connects SIL Librarians to SIL Customers

Starting March 19th, the librarians at the Edmonds, Mukilteo, and Snohomish libraries started monitoring our chat queue in addition to helping walk-up customers, answering the phone, and answering email questions.  In the past SIL customers would only find a SIL librarian online 2-4pm, Mon-Fri.  Our pilot crew  (EDM, MUK, SNO) is focused on being online to greet our customers when they are most likely to ask questions via chat, 11am-7pm.  This expanded coverage has already produced results – right out of the gate!

“This service proves the worth of talented, trained, and enthusiastic librarians. I recommend advertising their services in advance of any funding drives. They do things few other humans and no software can provide, and their skills are too easily overlooked or taken for granted. They are also a proof of celebration of person over machine. Google may be fast, but it is never this good.”

“The librarian had lots of patience and addressed all my requests in a way that i could understand…cool…i’ve been a patron 1977 and never knew this service was available…when was it added?”

“[The librarian] was Very helpful. Thanks.”

After our pilot period, we will gather information about what works best for adding chat monitoring to the Information Services in our buildings, share and learn,  and add more librarians to meet the growing demand for our services online.  Any questions?  Please contact Christa Werle, x7160!

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