Do you know about My EBSCO?

Once a personalized folder account (My EBSCOhost) has been created, users can save individual search results, search histories, persistent links to searches, Search Alerts, Journal Alerts and web pages created using Page Composer, across multiple sessions, for use in future sessions:

  • Provide a secure place to store and manage EBSCOhost search results, persistent links to searches, Journal Alerts, Search Alerts, Images, Videos and Saved Searches, beyond the current EBSCOhost session
  • Include access to EBSCO’s free Page Composer program, for creating web pages with links to EBSCOhost articles, a search box and a wide assortment of graphics for posting to a library’s web site, for example, or to use as an online homework assignment
  • Feature multiple, customizable folders, allowing users to efficiently sort and manage all types of saved items

This means that you can access any saved research from any and all of our EBSCOhost subscriptions (just click on “Sign In” in the upper right corner):

How would you use this feature?  Post a comment here to share your idea or past experience!  Need more info?  Visit EBSCO Support:  Any Questions?  Christa @ x7160.

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