Announcing Small Business Resource Center

Based on the survey results of our March trials of electronic resources for the small business customer, there was no clear indication that we needed to drop a current subscription in favor a new small business product or to request a budget increase to include a new product in 2013.

For the remainder of 2012, however, we have the best of both worlds!  With the credit we had on file with Gale for Grzimek’s Animals Online (ended in June), we are able to provide Small Business Resource Center through the rest of our annual contract with Gale.  This will give us the opportunity to use a small business resource with our customers and determine if it is needed in our contract package choices for 2013.

Vendor Summary:

Gale’s Small Business Resource Center was built based upon librarian feedback. By leveraging your extensive knowledge of patrons’ needs and online searching experience, Small Business Resource Center makes finding the best entrepreneurial information available quick and easy.

This comprehensive database covers all major areas of starting, operating and maintaining a business from financing, management, marketing, accounting, taxes and more. (

Vendor Support & Training Info: enjoy access to this resource through the end of the year and contact me (x7160) with any questions or feedback.

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