What are we using Ref eBooks for?

Here are the top 30 search terms used to search our Gale Virtual Reference Library collection – Given what our customers need -what would you add to our Ref eBooks?  Please comment!

  • autism
  • melanoma
  • consumer and reports
  • culture and of and celebrity
  • united and states and imperialism and philippines
  • verrazano
  • 2001 subaru manual
  • audiovisual and training
  • beyond and swords and samurai
  • celebrity
  • edwards and v. and aguillard
  • progeria
  • bipolar and disorder
  • consumer reports
  • elimenating and chemical and weapons
  • leprosy
  • psychology
  • registered and nurse
  • sports and asthma
  • triumph
  • adults and developmental and disability
  • agent orange
  • american sign language handshape dictionary
  • apollo and 12
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • climatic change
  • clinical and gerontologist
  • college blue book
  • deming
  • deming and education
  • depression and disorder
  • emerson and nature
  • gallaudet and university
  • hepatitis
  • homeschool
  • larson and perspectives on queues
  • money and market and function
  • my and name and is and asher and lev
  • political and socialization
  • project management
  • romeo and juliet
  • teen and employment and benefits

3 thoughts on “What are we using Ref eBooks for?

  1. Betsy Arand had a great idea: “Many of these terms are medical or health-related. It would be great if our “Healthy Living” database page could be a “see also” result when these terms are entered!”

  2. Kathy S

    I agree with Betsy. Also, many of these terms would seem to me to be better served by other databases, like say the “Opposing Viewpoints Reference Center” or even “Consumer Reports”. Is there some way to proved a link to our Consumer Reports online resource?

    But my fave search is the one for “Climatic change”

  3. Christa Werle

    What you want to do for database linkage makes perfect sense – it is the current holy grail of library service integration/design. To do this we need what is called a “discovery layer”. We’re working on it with Polaris & our vendors! Keep the great ideas coming! cw

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