2 thoughts on “Outside Experts HIRED by the Library???

  1. Funny, when I first became a librarian I wanted there to be an info kiosk installed in every clinic or hospital with a librarian at hand, to print out information for patients on their diagnosis. (I’d get lots of patrons coming in , not sure how to spell or pronounce their diagnoses– “The doctor said it’s myasthenia gravis… or Mia…tonic … gravenia?”) but I can see how some urban libraries would desire to minister to the homeless and others without health care. It makes me proud of our profession that we would step in and fulfill a need, as long as we had the resources to do so without taking away from our core services.

    1. Marta

      I’ve heard of similar examples but at academic libraries. At PNLA in 2010 presentation I heard about librarians partnered with rural health workers to reach isolated communities on tribal reservations in the Mountain West. A group of my classmates at Emporia State University’s Portland cohort proposed for a class assignment a satellite medical library of the Oregon Health Sciences University and merging it with a health clinic to do well-care outreach in one of Portland’s poorer neighborhoods.

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